Patreon and Cash Commissions

2016-08-15 20:35:02 by PajamaHam

Hey, all, I just opened up my Patreon and cash commissions.

Check here: for the full details if you're interested in commissioning me.

Art Trades

2016-07-21 19:21:13 by PajamaHam

Hey, I'm not up to much. You? Hey, that's swell to hear! Let's art trade.

So far, so good

2016-06-17 05:23:23 by PajamaHam

I've been here on Newgrounds for a little over a week now, and I am having an absolutely lovely time. I used to check this place out every now and then, but I never really used it for art till now. I really do like how this site encourages critique; it’s the best way to help an artist grow, in my opinion. Other sites I’ve been on really push a “favorite and move on mentality. I know DeviantArt’s been trying to push their “Review” function, but its presence doesn’t feel very strong. But I’m not gonna ramble off. Bottom line, I’m happy to be here and I cannot wait for the future.

Best regards,